Screen Resolution Manager

Screen Resolution Manager 5.2

Adjusts certain settings to the screen resolution and color

Detects the current settings of your have like the type of monitor and graphics card. Basically, it sets the preferred screen resolution and more important is that it remembers the settings for each user that is registered on the Windows from your computer.

Screen Resolution Manager is simple, yet much needed computer utility that allows each user to set preferred screen resolution. Each time a user logs in, screen resolution, color gamma, brightness and contrast preferences automatically get set to the user-determined values. It means the people with bad eye-sight won't have to deal with high resolution when the icons are so small on the monitor they can't be easily seen. Instead, the resolution will be set lower and people with bad eye-sight will see large icons on their Screen. The program is also perfect for families, since the majority of games run in 640x480 and while most people love to keep their desktop at 1600x1200. If you cannot agree with your co-workers about screen brightness, Screen Resolution Manager will help too!

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